Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Redesign

This project was commissioned by the owners to redesign the space in their master bathroom to better fit their needs of their growing family. The existing design of the bathroom was not optimal. The feel of the space was one of confinement. A floor-to-ceiling wall separated a shower stall from the tub on one side of the room. Additionally, the toilet seat was situated right next to the window opening out onto the street; not an ideal location. Lastly, there was a bidet the owners wanted to have removed, since it never got used and was taking up valuable space in the room. The redesign goals were not only to make the use of space more efficient, but also to create more of an “open” feel. The toilet was moved away from the window and to the opposite side of the room. A freestanding tub was located by the window and a frameless shower stall added to keep the sense of openness. Radiant heat was installed underneath the floor tiles. We worked with the owners on all aspects of material selection and design. The result, although housed within the same physical footprint, feels bigger, lighter and more open.

Before (click on image to enlarge)

After (click on image to enlarge)