Penthouse Duplex

Penthouse & Roof

This penthouse apartment is situated in a landmark building in the West Village. The project involved not only a gut renovation of the main apartment space, but also included design & construction of a custom stairway up to the roof, enclosed by a bulkhead. Pavers and plantings (trees and various bushes) were installed on the roof in order to create an open space for relaxation and entertainment. In addition to the bulkhead, another hole was cut into the roof in order to support a large skylight (3' x 5') above the bathroom. Substantial structural work was involved in this project. During the demolition phases, multiple layers of subfloors were discovered and removed, thereby providing for an increase of over 16" of height in the apartment floor-to-ceiling. All electrical and plumbing were replaced and high-end appliances and fixtures were installed according to the architectural plans and in conjunction with the owner's own design wishes.

Before (click on image to enlarge)